Sunday, November 18, 2007

Catching Up - and finished #7

So here we are, two weeks closer to Thanksgiving, and the only thing I've really accomplished in those two weeks is another Lizzie Block! The trend seems to be that I get through a couple of blocks with no problem, then I do something to screw the next one up. This block is no exception - if you look closely, you can see the change in pattern in the middle. But it's not too bad, and I think it will be hard to notice in the finished product. And I really like the colors of this one, too. Now, I've GOT to get to the store and get my Thanksgiving shopping done (and get the house picked up and bills paid) before I start another block!

The good news is I'm feeling a lot better this week than last, when I was down for 4 days with the flu. I didn't even feel like knitting, so you know it was bad :-) I've been able to get back into working out a little this week (mostly walking, but still). So I'm hoping to keep that up this coming week, when my mother in law will be here and hopefully will be my walking buddy (hubby hates to "just" walk).

We're looking forward to a great Thanksgiving with family and some of our best friends coming for dinner. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!


Robin's Reports said...

Angela, we had the dreaded flu all last week. It was no fun and I did almost nothing around the house for 2-3 days. I'm glad you're feeling better & getting ready for the holidays. On my Raising Fishermen blog (connect through the Reports page), I wrote about not getting stressed w/ the holidays. Enjoy it if you get a minute.

Angela said...

Thanks Robin, I will check out the new blog page!

dephal said...

Wow--you're making fast progress! To get rid of the bar on the knit side, when you get to that stitch, just knit the bar together with the stitch on the left hand needle. You can just stick the R needle through the bar from left to right, then stick the R needle through the stitch on the L needle, and knit. All of which is probably as clear as mud.

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