Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lizzie Block 4 is Done!

I really like the more muted colors of this one, especially as it is now fall (even though we're STILL having 85-90 degree weather here, grrrr!!!!). This one came out pretty well, except that somewhere along the way I must have started knitting much more tightly, because the last two (this one more so) have been noticeably "shorter" when complete than the first two. In fact, I had to add a "set" to this one (5 sets of 12 rows, total) to make it more equal in vertical dimension to the others. Hmmm. I must be a little STRESSED! :-) I will now commence Block 5 and try not to take my stress out on my knitting!

Block 5 has begun in beautiful blues - I can't wait to see where the colors go next.

Happy knitting!

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