Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lizard Ridge #5

Just one more block and I'll be a quarter of the way done with the afghan blocks! (See pic below, appearing after my rant about our local government's mismanagement of the water supply. How's that for bait and switch!? :-)

This block is very similar to the first in its colorway. The yarns are different, but I think it is just the way the pattern came together. The rest of this skein is mostly yellow, orange and green (kind of like the colors that would have been in block three if I had not had to start over :-)

On both this one and the last, I've had to insert an extra four rows to make the length match up. I'm not sure why that is, but I guess I am just knitting more tightly as I go for some reason. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to relax my stitches, and it's working somewhat. I'll keep trying!

That's about it from the knitting corner. Other than my knitting project, we're just enjoying the beautiful fall weather here in Atlanta and trying not to worry too much about the water situation they're predicting here in the next few months. We're in a terrible drought that is causing all kinds of problems and restrictions, and as you may have seen in the news, we're about to get into a major fight with our neighboring states over water rights. I guess that is what happens when you just keep adding people to a metropolitan area that has finite resources and infrastructure! I'm hoping the situation doesn't become as dire as they are predicting, but by many estimates, our local water supply (for a lot of North Georgia, including Atlanta) is down to 90 days or less. The chances that we will get a significant rainfall to make any difference are virtually nil, considering the weather pattern they're predicting this winter and spring. And even if we got 7-8 inches, much of that (on a larger scale) runs off and heads south because we've got so much concrete and asphalt in our area. Still, it would help our trees and soil moisture, so please pray for rain (and the situation overall, as we have a lot of arguing politicians and no quick fixes). Meanwhile, I think we really are going to have to begin stockpiling bottled water :-(


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lizzie Block 4 is Done!

I really like the more muted colors of this one, especially as it is now fall (even though we're STILL having 85-90 degree weather here, grrrr!!!!). This one came out pretty well, except that somewhere along the way I must have started knitting much more tightly, because the last two (this one more so) have been noticeably "shorter" when complete than the first two. In fact, I had to add a "set" to this one (5 sets of 12 rows, total) to make it more equal in vertical dimension to the others. Hmmm. I must be a little STRESSED! :-) I will now commence Block 5 and try not to take my stress out on my knitting!

Block 5 has begun in beautiful blues - I can't wait to see where the colors go next.

Happy knitting!
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