Sunday, September 30, 2007

Third Lizzie Block Completed

As mentioned in my previous post, block #3 did not go as smoothly as the second, but it's finally done! When I started it over (after a jillion mistakes) I ended up having to scrap the first 12 rows, which had been beautiful yellows and oranges, because I got the bright idea to go ahead and weave in ends as I go (and began cutting the yarn to avoid so many trailing ends as I go). I was afraid my gauge would not match up perfectly if I tried to reuse it, so this one is missing those lovely brighter colors, but I was able to liven it up with some scraps from previous skeins. I like how it turned out, even though it's quite similar in color now to block #1. I'll just put them at opposite ends of the afghan or something :-)

I'm beginning block four now, which is starting out very green (everything from emerald to a mossy gray-green-black. So far it's very nice (and going a lot more smoothly) so I hope to finish it up this week. I also ordered my next 5 skeins - this is quite addictive and I don't want to run out of yarn!

Happy knitting!


dephal said...

It's totally addictive! :-)

Emily said...

Looks good! Where do you order your Noro yarn?

Angela said...

It definitely is addictive. I make some progress almost every day, which is fun.

Hi Emily - I have been getting my yarn at WEBS Yarn store online, and (just because I've been excited about this project) paying more or less full price so far. About 8.95 + tax and shipping. My friend Phyllis also gave me some other links - write me at rottpaw @ if you would like and I will pass those along.

dephal said...

Hey, Emily and Robin--Little Knits has Jureyon on sale right now:
Just call me Enabler. :-)

dephal said...

Duhh--I meant Kureyon!

Angela said...

Thanks Phyllis! This is me, running running running to buy more yarn! (And yes, I totally blame you!)


Angela said...

PS - I just noticed that in the pic of block three, toward the bottom left, you can totally see the eight or so purl stitches where I just totally lost track of what I was doing. This block was just literally cursed from the start - for no apparent reason. I didn't catch it until rows later and I just wasn't going to start over again. Maybe it will show less once it's blocked! :-)

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