Sunday, September 9, 2007

First Lizard Ridge Block is Complete!

Wow, has summer ever flown by. I just logged in to make this post and realized I have not updated my blog since the end of June. Good grief! I need to do better at keeping this thing updated (she says, as she grabs 5 minutes in between 40 things that need to get done today :-). As usual, I have my priorities firmly in place (!), and notwithstanding the aforesaid 40 things, I have spent all morning (and a lot of yesterday) knitting and completing the first block of the Lizard Ridge Afghan pattern.

I'm so excited to be knitting again. I'd forgotten how much fun it is - my Nana taught me as a child and I used to knit some while I was growing up, but I got out of the knitting loop (ha ha) years ago. Recently I came across a friend's project and decided to try to make one myself (Thanks to Phyllis, for sucking me in - now I can blame you when I don't get anything else besides Lizzie blocks accomplished!! :-) Those of you who know me best know this is pretty much how I do things - either full speed ahead or full stop! I love the Lizard Ridge pattern and the colors are so gorgeous, they're fun to look at even while you're working with them.

So, I will post a further update on our summer very soon, but without further ado, here's a pic of the first of the 24 blocks that comprise the pattern:

I've only got one visible mistake, which I am totally okay with considering that the pattern took me a while to master. :-) I hope to start another block this week, time permitting... the colors in the pic aren't quite true to shade as I had to take this with my camera phone, but you'll get the idea.

And now, sadly, it's back to those 40 (oops, 39 - blog post now completed :-) items on today's to-do list!

Happy weekend!


dephal said...

Ooh! Looks great! I looove those colors!

dephal said...

Hey--I just saw you mentioned the Wolves of Willoughby Chase under your fave books list. I LOVED that series as a kid--read it a bunch of times--and hadn't thought of it in years. I need to get it for Thing 1!

Robin's Reports said...

Cool......for a minute there, I thought I was on Phylli's blog. You did great.

Angela said...

Thanks Ladies! And Phyllis, I also loved that series of books - I think Thing 1 would love them too! I think I was about her age when we read them - 3rd or 4th grade.

And thanks to Robin, too!

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