Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Dog's Life

So I could not resist sharing this picture. Most of my "audience" (all five or six of you :-))) know our dog Tucker. Since the weather here has FINALLY cooled down and it's now quite pleasant out, hubby has taken to watching his Saturday football games outside on the deck in the sunshine. Tucker often likes to hang out on the deck chairs (I think she likes the view she gets from the higher perch) and yesterday when she hopped up, she did not know quite what to do with the TV that she found sitting there. So we caught this very cute pic of our extremely spoiled dog. There was one pic with her looking at the TV, as though checking out her favorite show along with Daddy. If I can find that one I will post it as well. But for now, here's Miss Tucky in all her early-autumn glory:


dephal said...

She looks so cute there! Like she's thinking, "Pay attention to me, not the football!" If you had a Saint, she could never pull that stunt. :-)

Connordog said...

Tucky is too cute hanging with her daddy!!!!

Robin's Reports said...

Awwww, what a cutie. Does he root for the GA Bulldogs?

I'm one of your blog fans

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