Thursday, June 14, 2007

Odds N' Ends

I haven't had a chance to post in a while, so here are a few bits and pieces from the last few weeks. First, an example of the "rats" our neighbor across the street (who works from home) insists that he keeps seeing in our yard. We've never seen any rats, but we do see lots of rabbits, and I think this must be the Rabbit Clan Granddaddy. No wonder Tucker is afraid to go out at night alone!

I do love the variety of wildlife we see here in our yard. We're a lot farther out "in the country" than we used to be - about 25 miles out of the city center. We also have a little fish pond in the backyard now, as well as a lot of trees on the property, so we get all kinds of birds, rabbits, chipmunks, frogs, squirrels and of course the fish in the pond. Unfortunately, the only "less friendly" creatures we've seen here have been distinctly "closer to home" - I will have to say I wasn't exactly comforted to find a huge (at least three feet) snakeskin lying right outside the backdoor when we first moved in, and we have found scorpions in our closet on at least two occasions... but so far humans and wildlife seem to be getting along pretty well :-)

Speaking of wild things, over Memorial Day Weekend Tucker got to have my Dad's dog, Max over for company. Dad and Sheri came down to visit and enjoy the new digs in the basement, and Tuck and Max enjoyed chasing each other around the house and stealing toys from each other. Here they are, and you'll see Max staring at Tucker's toy while Tuck is looking at the camera :-)

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Connordog said...

I'm sure they had a blast playing together! Max is so cute!

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