Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Finally...the basement project is almost done!

I suppose I should really wait until we're actually completely done with the decorating and that kind of thing, but I'm honestly so excited to have the contractors gone from the house and everything usable that I can't help sharing!

For all of our loving friends and family who've had to listen to us complain for the last six months about contractors and construction, I finally have some pictures to offer.

For those who are here in Atlanta, come on over anytime and we'll promise to have your favorite beverages on hand! :-)

There are a few different views I'll post. My photography isn't the greatest (and the lighting is funky downstairs) so I apologize that the lighting looks funny in some of the shots. But you'll get the basic idea.

Things like the shower doors and a couple of other details aren't up yet, but we're hoping to be completely done soon.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour! :-)


dephal said...

Wow!!! It turned out just stunning!

Connordog said...

WOW! It looks AWESOME!!!!!

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