Thursday, May 24, 2007

And...the rest of the Italy pictures!

Most of you have already received this link, but a few may not have. Here's the Shutterfly site with the rest of our Italy photos. I tried to put in captions where I could. Enjoy!

Prayer Request

Please keep Jim and Diana Hannah in your prayers. Jim has been dealing with cancer for the last year, and he was in remission for the last few months. However, now his cancer has apparently returned :-( Please keep them in your prayers as he begins another round of tests and treatment.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

First photo from our trip to Italy

To start my blog photo album, here's my favorite pic of us from the Italy trip. This one was taken in Tuscany, at the farmhouse. Thanks to my Aunt Deb for the photography!

My first webpage in years!

Okay, so I've been inspired by Steph, and Phyllis, and Robin and all my other friends who've managed to keep up with a blog in the midst of Life :0) So, here's hoping I will actually get my act together and make regular posts for any of y'all that are interested in reading!
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